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Enter IOL specific data

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Starting from Datagraph version 5.20 Datagraph offers more cataract / IOL related features. If you select 'IOL' as surgery type and Lens Implants' as surgical device a number of IOL specific fields with parameters related to cataract surgery will be shown on the 'IOL Cataract' tab. A number of frequently used IOL types can be selected from the 'IOL name' drop down list.  You can enter and specify own IOL constants or import a newer version of  the database under 'IOL Types and Constants' in the defaults section.


Fields for aspheric or toric IOL become active when the related check box is active and the IOL specified as toric or aspheric IOL. IOL power calculation can be done for comparative statistical analysis. (selected formulas only)


Important: IOL calculations by Datagraph-med are for data analysis purposes only and are not meant to be used for patient treatments. IOL power selections for patient treatments must only be made by dedicated (and validated) IOL calculation software as provided by optical biometer or IOL manufacturers.